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Kaitlyn-Chloe Brugger
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Kaitlyn-Chloe Brugger Vicious, pissed off hardcore that is easy to relate to, and validates so many emotions. Fuck the people who hurt you in life, and act like it wasn't shit. Favorite track: Unresolved Issues.
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released August 7, 2007

Recorded with Jim Siegel at The Outpost in Stoughton, Mass., April 17-25th 2007.
Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East in Cambridge, Mass.



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Bracewar Richmond, Virginia


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Track Name: Calling Out
Under the gun now, can't say how i feel.
there's so much shit inside my head.
if i fuck this up is it all on me?
there's somewhere else i'd rather be,
there's no way out i'm losing my mind,
there's somewhere else i'd rather be...there's someone else i'd rather see.

out of sight never out of mind my...
my stomach's sick, just want to go home.
just staring at a ringless phone.

So where did things go wrong now?
a lack of passion, focus, drive, my head is fuckin' gone.
i'm calling out now.
losing faith, not saving face don't let it ruin me.
i'm calling out.
Track Name: Unresolved Issues
We don't see eye to eye and I doubt that we ever will.
It makes no sense.
How did we end up like this?
Did you forget?
You're not that innocent.
I tried, you lied I died inside - but now I'm the one who's changed.
Just look in the mirror and tell me that you've not changed.
Because I can't believe what my eyes have seen.
I see a side I never thought I'd see.
It's killing me cause you don't know my fucking name.
Who the fuck should you really blame.
Track Name: Empty Promises
Stuck on something that just don't feel right.
All substance void from your mind.
Been used so now you just have to lose and now you've been there for so long and you're oh so fucking tired of letting yourself go.

Down again and again. Time to close up.
Cut yourself off from the ones who care the most.

Empty promises from empty people. They don't know what to do.
Lies and fears. Deception and tears.
It takes a hold over you.

Your fears they've got you now. They've got you on the run.
Track Name: You're Just a Lie
Taking what's taken. Breaking what's broken.
I don't know what to say, regretting almost everyday.
You're just a lie to me.
Was it all in my head?
And you know that the time I spent is not wasted cause I learned something. Your empty life will mean nothing, it's on you now for everything. You're just a lie to me.

You're just a lie.
Track Name: Where Will You Be
Blow with the wind. Whatever goes. Next year where will you be? Nobody knows. We don't need you.
Track Name: Afterthought
Bitch you better know that I ain't got shit to prove.
So much more that I could do than waste my fucking time on you.

You heard it before.

I fucking hate all that fucking shit you say. And how everything you once held true could somehow not mean shit to you.

And right now, all I hear is that shit you said.
Everything you once held true.
Right now all I hear is that shit you said.
Everything you once held true could somehow not mean shit to you.
Track Name: Wake Up
Turn around. Watch it falling down. Watch us build it up, and then we burn it down. So many ways you run and hide. Fucking torn apart from the fear inside.

Wake up it's in your head.
Wake up before it's dead.

We're hitting self-destruct now.
No end in sight, we're fucked.
These fucking words are our nooses now.
You get the best of me.
Track Name: Watch It Burn
Why don't you seem to care?
We watched it all.
We watched it all.

How could you say that you don't care?
We watched it all.
We watched it all.

You let this tear us apart. And now we'll just watch it.
You let this tear us apart. And now we'll just watch it.
Track Name: Complex
Can't hold me back.
Not you, not this whole fucking world.
This whole fucking world.
Prey on the weak.
They sit to the side.
I won't stand by.
I may look down but I'm high as hell, so don't cross me.
Here's your last chance to be a real man.
Drop the image and leave it behind.
I'll be the dark cloud that follows you down.
Until the bitch in you is out.
Track Name: Spirals
Can't seem to settle.
Always strung out.
Gotta stop the spirals before the spirals put me underground.
Can't control it.
Too much to take.
No easy way out.
Fucked by my own mistakes.
Just need some time to ease my mind. It blows right by.
Blows right by.
Track Name: Familiarity
This has become all too fucking familiar.
No disappointment, no pain.
You had your way.
You fucked me up.
You made a fool of me.
I won't be here for your game.
But somehow, I still fucking care.
But I'm bowing out now.
I won't make that mistake that fucking brought me here.
Your selfish ways are fucked.
Your fucking minds corrupt.
And everything was a lie to boost your ego up.
Yeah, your minds corrupt.